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Why towards Africa?

With all exciting developments in many sectors on the African content, Towards Africa wants to provide a symposium of all great ideas and methodologies from Africans or about Africa.

Towards Africa offers its contribution in two ways:

  1. Providing…

If you tell a set of new start-up founders that they are to fail in a few years, there is a ridiculously high possibility that you are right. Someone may point that even Silicon Valley, the bedrock of innovation, fails on higher rate too. That is true. According to a…

I am fond of my neighborhood. It has an exquisite view with a chilling wind in the morning while I am sweeping in front of the wooden fence. The mud-built houses are parallel with a trail in between. Most of them look alike in their simplicity. A small garden, full…

life of a boy in the aftermath of 1994 Tutsi genocide in the eyes of a young lad.

cartoons represent stealing with nobility and smartness.

“ Mpereza iyo ferabeto nkimene umutwe” — “Pass me that re-bar, and I bust his head into pieces,” uttered one of the neighbors, Claude, a tall old man with reddish eyes that…

Roberto Berwa

“A story is a form of history that is based on individuality and specificity. They are by far the best means to learn history.”

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